Obama's union buddies destroyed another business.

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Re: Now how smart was that!

Boris wrote:

Unions are the ONLY entity that lobby for the working person. The rest depend on the benevolent mood of their employer.

The Union workers received their full pensions because their Union insisted on the pension guaranty when GM spun off Delphi.

Of course all Delphi employees should get their pension... after all they paid into the pension. Now after the fact of having their pension stolen the salaried employees had to organize and hire a bunch of lawyers to try to get their money back.....I hope they win!

So do I and I hope the hundreds of retired Hawker/Beech retired employees get their money.

It's criminal that a person can work all their lives for a company and then get told their retirement is gone.

The company reorganizes and continues in business but the non-union retired employees, who dedicated their lives to the company, are thrown in the trash.

Such is life.

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