What do they do with old Americans

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Re: So, nobody has had to deal with this subject...

drh681 wrote:

Judging from the flippancy and outright stupidity.

I just spent the last eight years doing this very thing.

I was lucky, my Father was a man who believed in preparation.

He passed away in an accident. Leaving my mother less than ready for such an event. But well provided for in terms of money and insurance.

Mom began a slow decline probably shortly after that.

Medicare and Medicare supplemental were plenty to cover her medical costs.

(a hospitalization in July ran over 100,000 dollars, Our co-pay was 100$)

Long Term Care insurance made sure that I had help with her daily care.

That let us care for her at home until she passed in Sept.

Not everybody has these options.

But medicare is available for medical needs. If a person has lost the ability to care for her/his self the options depend on that person's resources and relatives' willingness to take on a tremendous responsibility.

People who lack advanced planning or just plain old run out of money; become "clients" of the State's Social Services Department; with the actual provision of services coming from the person's County of residence.

So for the hard of thinking: We take care of them just like you do.

f'n dumbass

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Every family is different and you're right, if people can afford long term/nursing home insurance it does help but it's expensive and most Americans can't afford it.

If you check, you'll also see that most insurance companies are cutting back drastically on the amount of money they provide and the amount of time they will provide coverage.

Old people with a disease like Alzheimer's will need long term care and this will drain the resources of the surviving spouse if the couple weren't upper middle class to begin with.

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