20mps right around the bend??

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aardvark7 wrote:

Hmmm, I know others have cast doubt, but the colour response does appear to be extraordinarily close and that is not normal for different sensors. You would wonder why...!!!

thats what i looked for by checking high iso..to see the color noise..the colors and patterns are alittle too similair i think,but who knows..when it comes to buisiness anything goes...hopefully its good for alpha owners..thank you,brian

You do know that the joint venture had nothing to do with image sensors, don't you? They were making LCD panels for use in HDTVs.

Get your facts right will you?

cip...i just wanted to show they had collaberated,hadnt much time...its hard to find anything definitive(tried this morning and just now after work)thats why i didnt say for sure because i dont know..but looking at the comparisons??sorry it wasnt totally relevant,it was at the time the 'quickest informative thing i could find.i dont ever try to stir up arumor mill so to speak.i know alot of shooters are wondering if they should do the jump to full-frame..which for many has financial hurdles along with size and crop factor. after seeing images from the a99 along with hands on samples and info from forum members the newest sony has alot of people(mysely included)wishing it was an easy descision/purchase.just hoping its a sign of things to come but better that arent full-frame,..thanks...brian(info on camera sensors was all i could find..its not 'it' but closer i guess

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