Does anybody still use the Canon IP3000 ? Need help

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Re: Sorry but Same bad results

Sorry for joining late, but Friday evening...

I think that jtoolman is correct. Looks like double profiling.

I have downloaded the same picture and printed it from PSE 10. Sorry no CS5 here. One more thing that i have to say immediately. I do not have OEM inks at the moment so I was using my profiles created with Spyder3Print for the OCP inkset for BCI6. Believe me! The profile is good enough for our purposes and the printer behaves as it would have behaved with the OEM inks and the correct Paper Type. So, for the experiment I am using Ilford Photo Everyday Paper- 190 g/m2. The Media setting, which is good for it is Photo Paper Pro, Standard. Below are screen captures from PSE and the Canon Printer Driver. In my case iP8500 also a very old printer but from the higher end of the Pixma line.

PSE 10, Main Print Window

You see the Printer Type, the Paper settings (as I said for my Ilford Profile the best is Photo Paper Pro) in your case here must be the SG-101 paper type. Down left third button is More Options:

More Options; Color Management, PSE 10

Here I select that the PSE will do the CM, sRGB is clear, Printer Profile is my Ilford profile, Rendering - Intent Relative Colorimetric (suggested by PSE). Now, I do not remember which Canon Profile is the correct one for SG-101. You would have to put it instead of my Ilford profile. The Canon Profiles have very cryptic names, but I assume that you know the profile. Note the warning (Did you remember to disable color management...). To do it click at Printer Preferences:

FIrst Tab of the Canon iP8500 driver

I assume that your driver looks similar. If not, search for the Color Management part. Set it to manual and click set:

CM window for iP8500

Set everything to 0, ICM - OFF, Print Type - None. OK, OK everywhere and Print.

In my case this gives a printout with a very good match.

Another pathway, if the above fails, is to let the printer manage the color, remove the Canon Profile from the PSE dialog and enable ICM in the Canon, Manual Color Adjustment window.

Hope that this helps.


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