Fuji X10 and EF-20 flash?

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Mark H
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'Shutter Priority' = bad advice...

Billx08 wrote:

carsonbm wrote:

What is the fastest shutter speed that can be used with the flash?

Using Shutter Priority and Manual shooting modes, 1/4000th sec. In Aperture Priority and Program mode, the X10's shutter speed never gets very fast, preferring values between 1/30th and 1/250th sec. even if it means gross overexposure. I guess that it can't handle close subject distances using the flash very well in those shooting modes, and dialing in -EC on the flash doesn't help very much, so Shutter Priority is probably the one you'd usually want to use for short distance shooting.

Bad advice - 'Shutter Priority' really won't help flash exposure.

As a rule, you cannot control flash exposure using shutter speed - especially not at 'short distances' where the flash power/duration can easily be even shorter than 1/4000s.

In mixed light i.e. 'ambient + flash', the shutter speed will only affect the ambient light component of the exposure - whereas the aperture (and ISO) value(s) affects both the flash and the ambient exposure components.

You can even shoot 'macro' distances with flash, with many cameras - but you have to take control of the aperture setting, and ISO - using small aperture values (which also helps increase the otherwise narrow macro DoF) and manually set low ISO, by Aperture/Manual exposure priority.

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