Primes vs Zooms (which Zeiss to choose if I pull the trigger on a99)

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Re: Primes vs Zooms (which Zeiss to choose if I pull the trigger on a99)

josseee wrote:

Ok, Im almost sure I will go for the A99 (still want to wait for some in depth reviews, but Im more or less decided)

So I started wondering which Zeisses will I equit it with. Im moving up from a NEX 5n, mainly because of the beatifull Zeiss glass (also the FF is a factor). But I really cant decide which direction to go...primes or zooms. On my NEX, I practically used only the Zeiss24mm, so I somehow got used to a fixed focal length. However just 24mm is not enough... So I cant decide: either I go with the 24-70 zoom +135mm or I get the 24,85,135 and the 50 when it comes out.

I cant decide: the comfort of not been forced to switch the lens all the time at the costs of less quality, or having the top gun lenses but switching it 100 times a day...

what are your opinions? zoomers and primers

Thanks for any hint

I have the Zeiss 16-35, an old Minolta 50/1.8, the 70-300G and the 135/1.8 and one A900 and let me tell ya, lens switching gets old, which is why I will not be selling my A900 when I eventually get an A99. I would also seriously think about the Tamron 28-75/2.8, which is a massively tried and tested design that performs incredibly well for its ultra cheap price compared to OEM lenses. I don't have it because, frankly, I either go wide, go long, or go to 50mm.

The old Minolta 50/1.8 isn't stellar by any stretch, but wide open it is evenly soft which allows for a surprising amount of enlargement due to eyes playing tricks and is sharp by f8, at less than $100 on ebay it is also a steal and a 'worry free' lens in that I don't worry about it.

The 135/1.8 is, of course, the 135/1.8.

My 'optimal kit' for a Sony DSLT system would be the 16-35, Zeiss 50mm if you want expensive, Minolta 50/1.8 for no worries, 70-400G for reach, 135/1.8 for the privilege of using it, a 1:1 macro lens, and the Samyang 24mm T/S if it ever comes out since it doesn't look like Sony will ever be coming out with anything like it

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