X-S1 horrible gradations

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High ISO noise reduction (?)

Phil_Rose wrote:

Hi all, I recently bought this camera and while I like it in may ways I am finding that, when shooting subtle gradations such as evening skies, the JPGs have horrible gradations. I haven't yet managed to assess how these would be from an RAF file because I use ACDSee and it hasn't caught up yet and so I've just been shooting JPG for now.

Is this something that others have been finding? Do people have a preferred set of settings for Sharpness, Highlight tone etc (I currently have them all set at STD. Should I turn them all the way down and if so which? All of them? And if I do that and then apply sharpening etc in ACDSee will i be able to bring the images back to the look the camera would have given them but hopefully without the banding?

Thanks for any help you can offer. There's a link below to the image in question. This is worse than it was originally due to some Topaz tomfoolery.

What ISO, what DR%, what colour settings etc?

I think you really must provide the original 'straight out of camera' with its EXIF data, before anyone can offer any real assessment - can you upload the original to your DPReview gallery?

Ideally, a RAW file would be useful too.

To offer some initial thoughts - I think it could be a manifestation of the effect of 'high ISO noise reduction'. Noise at high ISO can provide a natural 'dithering' that hides step changes in shallow tone gradients - but noise reduction might well negate this natural dithering, and thereby reveal the actual real lack of tone/colour depth at high ISO.

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