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Re: Quick question ...

nevada5 wrote:

Don_D wrote:

Excuse me.....I regret that four Americans died as much or more than you. Don't be stupid.

It doesn't appear that you are as concerned as me. I want to know what happened, why it happened and what could have been done to prevent it. If we know who failed to do the right thing, we can take necessary action and learn from that. That information might prevent it from occurring again.

I am as concerned as you but I think I may be more realistic than you.

Perhaps we can prevent some future attacks...we should try.  It is, however, impossible to defend every situation. Remembers scores of our people died in and around our Embassies during the Bush years...and before.

We could withdraw our ambassadors, we could restrict their movements, we could station a large number of marines around them....none of which seem good solutions in light of the fact that they must do their jobs...I do hope someone will suggest some practical improvements in our security.

I think it's a little like preventing accidental deaths from auto crashes....we could all drive around in tank-like cars and cut down on the deaths....that's a solution, but it really isn't.

The semantics is about demonstration vs. terrorist attack....please explain to me the significance ...serious question...

Yes, it's a very serious question.

If kids are playing around in the street in front of your house and they get a little wild, start throwing things and a rock goes through your window, killing someone - that's terrible but the homicide was not intentional. But - If they got together before hand and planned to come over and kill someone at your house... What do you think - same thing?

No it's not the same, but so what? Either way someone died. Are you suggesting that if we catch the murderers of our Ambassador Stevens that we would deal differently with them if they were a terrorists or if they were demonstrators?  During the early hours I don't think that there were mortars, but only later...surely demonstrators wouldn't have mortars.

I am still honestly puzzled by this nuance.  ...except that I see some desperate to proclaim Obama lied.

I cannot logically think that those in charge would stand by and let those four die if there was anything that they could do to prevent it.  It makes no sense....perhaps in retrospect we will find that someone had bad judgment.  We do need to find that out...

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