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Re: Leica M8.2

I like to hold such a product in my hands and I sometimes let them Klick ! without a film just for fun. I never did this with another camera. My heard is going with leica and sometimes not my brain. I have so much fun using a Leica and there is always a smile on my face when I go out with such a piece of camera.

If you are always looking on tecnical details and megapixels then It might not be a good invesment for you. But if there is always a smile in your face holding a Leica M8 in your hands despite of some quirks then It will be a good investment for your heard and not in financial way. As a photografic tool at low iso and in the right hands I rate the M8.2 over Fuji X, Nikon and Canon.


Thanks for your reply. I am waiting for the new M (where are the samples???) but in the meantime I was thinking of an M8 to use it for portraits with the 50 summicron...

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