Here is a slight case of wasted bandwidth

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Re: Here is a slight case of wasted bandwidth

EvilOne wrote:

BigMacAttack wrote:

Yes, you have wasted bandwidth to be politically correct. I'm sorry you are afraid of guns. But to erase all reference to them there are lots more expressions that will have to go:

Lock, stock, and barrel
A flash in the pan

Right on target

A shot in the dark

Keep your powder dry

Don't go off half-cocked

Loaded for bear

Double-barreled approach

Bringing out the heavy artillery


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This thread has nothing to do with guns, I am a life member of the NRA and have been a competition pistol and rifle shooter for 30 years... This was about these old and over used terms on this forum... No one on this forum uses any of the terms you posted. you completely missed the point

Pulling the trigger on a New camera, and a photo being Tack sharp are way over used here on this forum.

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Bill aka EO

What the #@%$ !

........ and no multiple pics of your car to be seen !?!

Such a waisted (post) opportunity !


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The First rule of photography is; there are no rules. The Second rule of photography is the; rule of Thirds. The Third rule of photography is; if the Second rule does not apply, defer to the First rule.

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