Thinking of buying XS1 - advice please

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Re: Thinking of buying XS1 - advice please

Dear Oldfella,

I see you're in the UK so you might benefit from knowing that I recently bought an X-S1 for myself from John Lewis, using the click and collect service (I had some John Lewis vouchers which gave me a susbtantial discount). My wife was then so impressed that she bought one too, this time from Jessops in Walsall (where our daughter works) who ordered one from their central warehouse as they don't keep the X-S1 in stock in the shop. Both cameras have 23N etc serial numbers and both work perfectly although we've not had much of an opportunity yet to really try them out properly. You can read my review, for what it's worth, on the John Lewis website. Hopefully therefore, getting one from either of these two suppliers should get you one with a similar serial number.

Jonathan Briggs

theoldfella wrote:

Thinking of buying an XS1 having read several reviews and liking very much the idea of the manual zoom/focus rather than the usual motor on a superzoom. I'd be shooting mainly stills with the occasional video of the grandchildren etc. and I think the zoom range of the XS1 should cover everything I need. As still a bit of a novice I only shoot jpeg.

If I've read things correctly though (in the reviews and on threads here) there have been some earlier problems with this camera and just wanted clarification please before I go to the dealer with my £'s - if the serial number is 23xxxxx then in a nutshell this will be a new model which has had the problems sorted out so I wouldn't have to worry about them. Is this correct, and should I simply reject any other serial numbers?


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