Is $1200 a good price for a mint, used SAL135CZ F1.8?

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Re: Is $1200 a good price for a mint, used SAL135CZ F1.8?

The CZ 135/1.8 is a great lens to be sure, a beautiful chunk of glass that takes can be used to take incredible photos, but from what you're saying what you want and what your issues are, it is not a lens that would best fit your needs at this time.

Your main issue with brightness and color has a lot less to do with the lens you have than it's with white balance and other setting on the camera itself, when you are taking pictures indoors you should set your camera to 'tungsten' white balance which will force the camera to correct for the yellow light of incandescent bulbs. You could also purchase or make a 'grey card' and set your camera's auto white balance off that card for even more accurate colors. The card will tell the camera what is grey as opposed to yellow/red/blue and it will modify the white balance off that. With regards to brightness, you can increase brightness by working with the camera's exposure compensation dial, for example, if you put your exposure compensation to +1 Stop you are telling the camera to let in twice as much light to the sensor as the camera's meter suggests, which will brighten up the picture. It's an easy mistake to make to think a 'brighter' lens will necessarily produce a brighter image, but a lens's f-stop is only one part of the equation, ISO and shutter speed being the other two variables. If you got the 135/1.8 and just  attached it to the A77 thinking it would produce a brighter image over the f2.8 lens you have now, you would be disappointed as the camera would adjust its shutter speed or ISO accordingly.

One important thing to note when it comes to framing and cropping is that the C-8080 uses a sensor that is a 4:3 aspect ratio. The A77, otoh, uses a 3:2 aspect ratio sensor which means your default images from the A77 will always look wider than they are tall compared to the C-8080.

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