Shooting with two bodies, thoughts

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Re: Shooting with two bodies, thoughts


Changing lenses in response to instantaneous desire for a different lens is a losing game.  I sometimes change lenses "in the field" - but only during down time, never when actively shooting.

Multiple bodies is the way to go.  Here is what I have to choose from - I rarely bring more than 2 of these at a time - again, that's a decision made when leaving home based on what sort of photo ops will be availabe:

OM-D - 12mm, 45mm, 75mm, 500mm mirror

E-P3 - 17mm

E-30 - 11-22mm, 50-200mm

E-510 - 14-45mm, 40-150mm

OM-3Ti - 24mm, lots more, but that's almost always what's on the OM-3Ti.  Of course, the OM-3Ti only shoots this stuff they used to call "film"

It's not unheard of for me to have:

OM-D - 12mm, 45mm, 75mm

E-P3 - 17mm

E-30 - 50-200mm

all "at hand" for a day of serious shooting.  The OM-D handles the short stuff; the E-30 handles the long end, and the E-P3 is for casual shots.  I might occasionally change a lens on the OM-D, but otherwise I just select the body/lens combo that works for each shot.

I continue to feel a real need for an E-70...

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