Help! Panasonic GX1 diagnosed water damage

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Re: Help! Panasonic GX1 diagnosed water damage

azu wrote:

thanks all for all the respone. the case I have is not a form fitting it is the dmw cg3 k and kept only the body as my other lens have it's own case. itwas only used for tops 4 months. no water contact or rain or anything and sure about it. regarding condensation, i can't say much because I try to be extra careful with all this kind of devices I am just upset that they want $300+ to have it replaced which I feel is not fair for I hardly used it because the time I got it we've been having family emergency. i've seen previous posts that the customer service is not the best but i wasn't expecting to be in this situation. i haven't called them back for my decision though and I don't really know what to say or explain.

should i just asked them to send it back to me?

The GX-1 new today is $450.  If the repair costs more than $200 just replace the camera, I would.

If you buy from B&H buy the extended warrantee that covers drops and spills. Its more than the manufactures warrantee coverage.

The reason not to buy the warrantee is this exact case.  Ask yourself how much will this hurt if I need to replace it.  Is your cut off $400, $800, $1500 at what point does it become hard to replace after saving for it.

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