Poor Susan Rice

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Re: Quick question ...

PhD4 wrote:

Don_D wrote:

Lying implies intent and you don't know that.

Actually we do.

Had Obama went along with Romney in the debate and said "you're right, I didn't know it was a terrorist attack, I thought it was the video".... he would be fine.

But he made it a big issue that "I DID say act of terror... the next day!". "Get the transcript!"

Ok, fine... then why did that change to "a video" the next 2 weeks and why did he have others claiming the same thing...when he just admitted that he knew it was a terrorist attack ?!

You are getting all twisted up in trivia..... he was accused of lying by Romney...you admit that he proved he didn't... then he said it was a terrorist attack due to a video...now that's not good enough for you, you want him to say it was just a terrorist attack....this is a tempest in a teapot that you cannot even clearly explain.

You can claim none of that happened... but we all know it did.

Again you are attempting to twist my words.... It is a big deal when people die, it is not a big deal whether you call it a terrorist attack or a demonstration....please explain that to me....it is a serious question....and please don't just say it's "because the President lied"....

The big deal isn't what you call it..... it's the reason for the lying.

Why is that so hard to understand.

Honestly I cannot see what difference it makes whether someone calls it a terrorist attack or a attack from a demonstration..  what is the "reason for the lying?" again a serious question.. which you do not seem able to answer in 25 words or less.

Oh yeah... "Obama never lies".

You said it yourself.

NO I DIDN'T.  Please show me where I said "Obama never lies".

You seem to lack some reading comprehension skills.

Obama has stretched the truth a few times, but he never, never came anywhere close to the repeated outright lying and rapid position changing flip flopping, of Romney.  Romney has set a new lying standard that future politicians will have a hard time equaling.

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