Help! Panasonic GX1 diagnosed water damage

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Re: Help! Panasonic GX1 diagnosed water damage

azu wrote:

´╗┐hi everyone! i would like to ask some guidance... I posted before here that my GX1 has no power.

it was left in it's panasonic case that I bought and haven't really use it a lot back then. I only got the chance to send it for repair weeks ago since we had family emergency. They just called me and told me that the unit is beyond repair due to water damage. I would like to know what are the possible cause of this because as far as I know my camera was never been next to any water that could cause damage. if anyone can enlighten me on what my options to go from here cause before I spend for a replacement. TIA

Hi, reviewing the comments and events you describe I'm unconvinced there is water damage, or if there is, the actual damage has not be explained in a very specifc manner. I have worked in microelecronics, condensation is pretty clean water and though wet, is not that corrosive, you need salts to cause damage. Mobile phones as others have said can come back from the dead with careful drying out, I would expect a more specific diagnosis as to the actual damage before I accepted the analysis, say, burnt out circuit board, siezed motor or corroded switches etc etc. It maybe that the moisture when the unit was powered up caused electolytic corrosion - again there needs to be some contamination and the inside of a camera is pretty clean so would have to come from the outside through capiliary action etc, i.e. did the dog relieve itself on it? :-). I suggest go to an independant for an assesseent, they'll let you know if it is dead pretty much straight away, then usually waive the cost when you go for the repair.

I do empathise with you though, I take care of my stuff and water ingress leaves tell-tale signs, are they any?

I can only echo others, take out the battery and rasie the temp of the camera to 25-30C and leave it in a dry place to dry out, airing cupboard which is warm & dry for a few days, with all covers, caps open, lenses off to allow air in and access - even pop off the front cover if feeling brave, it often works, like the time I emptied coffee out of a laptop - Lazerus the laptop is still going!!

Good luck! Regards,


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