Just starting out, kind of. Looking for advice.

Started Nov 16, 2012 | Discussions thread
OP DuaneV Senior Member • Posts: 1,350
Re: Advice on Getting Started

Again, Russ, thank you so much for the info!

Are either of these any good, or should I stay away from them? Im thinking we need to start somewhere, and I cant drop a couple thou on a scope, mount, etc., right now. I DONT mind upgrading in the future if we're really into it (Im sure we will be, I loved my cheapo scope when I was a kid). I just don't want to buy stuff that's completely useless either, you know. Id there a scope under $400 that you WOULD recommend we start with? Again, thank you so much!

PS: Am I correct in thinking that I can attach my DSLR to almost any scope with the correct mount?




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