Hey gang - here are a few comments about the Canon SX-50 HC

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Ben Herrmann
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My Bad Dude - I mean to say Lightroom 4.3 RC.....sigh.....

When I typed that, I was thinking of ACR.

Depending on lighting conditions, many of my shots are out of camera - but when you shoot RAW, you still have to go through the process of converting the images.  It is there where I'll look closely at each image, trying to recall the scene and how I felt (and what I saw) while there - this is key.  I try to relate to the viewer the ambience that I felt while at a location.  If I notice that the highlights are a bit too overpowering, I can compensate in Lightroom (quite easily, I might add) and bring it more in balance.  Likewise, if the shadows are a bit too dark (from what I can recall), I'll bring them up a bit so that perhaps something within the shadows is not hidden.

The only time I can be happy with any OOC images (regardless of camera) if the images were taken at a precise time of day when everything balanced out (meaning the ratio of highlights vs shadows) - and the setting was ideal.  Of course, those are rare moments, because there are only a few times during the day when something like this occurs - let alone having the right environment.

If I have to make major adjustments, I will usually say so when I post something - and then specifically, to highlight the fact that a particular file had so much more headroom data than I had originally envisioned.

So while shooting, I first absorb what I'm seeing, the ambience, compositions and more.  Then after capturing the images, while importing them, I look for and then adjust (if necessary) for the look and feel of what I had experienced.  In other words, I try to get the viewer to look through the images and feel as though they wish they were in the scene.  I've always believed that if you can forget that a scene is a picture, rather focusing on the fact that you're experiencing the scene(s)...well, that's the way to go.

After importing from RAW, I then save as a TIF file.  I use the TIF files as my masters.  I may add frames, which I often do for effect, and then I'll resave as a JPG for web usage - usually at 975 x something size - at a 90% quality setting, and that is what I'll upload to Photobucket for posting on various Photographic forums.

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