macro choices: oly 60mm or PL45?

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Re: macro choices: oly 60mm or PL45?

prometheus10 wrote:

I have the Oly 60mm and love it. The major benefits over the Pana 45mm are the extra working distance (really useful if you shoot bugs), faster autofocus with focus limiter switch, and it's weather sealed. Here's a shot.

I'm using the 60mm on a Panasonic GH2. I hoped that the focus range switch would give faster autofocus by limiting the range that the autofocus searches but it's not working that way for me. If I switch to 1:1 in AF and half press the shutter with the lens cap on the lens hunts through the entire range as easily seen on the display on the side of the lens.

The only benefit I've found is switching to 1:1 and turning to MF is quicker than trying to do the same thing on the 45mm where to get to 1:1 one has to turn the focusing ring.

Please advise what camera you are using and double check to see if you are getting focus limiting  as I'd love to have that....


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