Question for the PS Guru's - Digital Grey Card Action Help!

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Re: Question for the PS Guru's - Digital Grey Card Action Help!

joey_B wrote:

can't be done. The PC isn't that smart. What you are asking is that the PC should evaluate a picture, KNOW what it is about, RECOGNIZE the contents and the fact that there is a point that has to be true gray (although it has a non-gray color in the picture) and select the best candidate for correction intelligently, counting in color contamination from the colored lightsources that are in the picture.

humans already have trouble doing that, let alone a 'dumb' PC.

And then again, there are only few situations without controlled lighting that can be whitebalanced REALLY well. Mixed lighting is a killer, if you use bounce flash you are a very lucky person if you can whitebalance a picture perfectly. Not a skilled person, just lucky...

Thanks for the feedback. I thought as much but you never know until you ask

Yes, unfortunately bounce flash is a necessary evil but comes with all the colour cast issues as you well understand.


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