Canon T3i vs Sony A57

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Re: Canon T3i vs Sony A57

clearzoom wrote:

when I go to Lake here, I shoot the boats and houses on "the other side of the Lake"

need 250-300 mm zoom atleast

well, this store did have canon's and tried, but didnt have A57' zoom lens.

also i don't even see lens 250 or 300mm for sony a57 and i searched in amazon.

Of course there are Sony A-mount zoom lenses that go to 250 or 300mm.

However, the recommendation of the dealer is somewhat questionable.

The advantage of the sony is the fixed mirror, which makes it possible to have good focusing during video recording. On the other hand, with the mirror in the Sony you loose light, so the sony is a little less light sensitive.

Speed for taking pictures, the Canon will be just as fine as the Sony. The main issue is not the body in this instance, but the motor in the lens that has to drive the lens focus mechanisms. The basic Canon lenses use micromotors, that are slower than those lenses that have ring USM, which is very fast. In fact, Canon has one of the best telephoto lenses line-ups of all brands. However, these excellent lenses tend to be rather expensive. The cheapest good canon tele lens is the 55-250 IS. (it has a micromotor, but still is probably just fine for your purpose of boats and houses).

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