Advantages of SLR in today's world

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Re: Because EVFs are far from fantastic

Well first off the G2-H is pretty old technology; the camera is 3yrs old and it wasn't regarded as a great EVF then.

I switched from a D300 to an OM-D and one of my biggest concerns was using an EVF. I can tell you, from experience and not just reading reviews, that I really don't miss the OVF. They are different,  that's all. The OVF has it's advantages and shortcomings, the EVF has its. I don't see any of the disadvanges you list to be honest and one thing that the EVF does great is show, in real time, choked up blacks and blown highlights. I can truthfully say that I very seldome have a reason to chimp anymore.

Now with all that being said, c-af is poor on all the mirrorless bodies I've tried. However single af is as good or better than anything I've used in the Nikon range. Lens selection is very good and very high quality unless you need exotics (t&s or super tele's). If razor thin dof is important, look elsewhere.

I will say that I love not looking like a paparazzi walking down the street (or a camera geek!). I also love that I'm not carrying 30lbs of gear on my back when hiking

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