The best educated voted for Obama & the worst educated voted for Romney

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Re: I'm not surprised at all.

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I am not surprised, the red necks, paranoid and God Mad crowd have great difficulty with critical thinking and are easily brainwashed. If their preacher tells them, the Moon with God on it has landed in the North; all of them will jump in their cars and drive up there like mad.

Hate to break it to you. It is the conservatives here that make our state smart. The liberals in Minneapolis and Saint Paul are what drags down the averages for the state. The conservative kids are the ones at the 99th or 100th percentile. (depending on the scale)

Liberals need to come out of their tiny little bubbles and see what American Exceptionalism is. Come and see what individuals can do when they rise above being one of the masses of sheep, waiting for mommy government to tell them what to do or think.

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Variance is Evil!

As to "critical thinking"...I actually completed a University course in that (part of 2 degrees)..and am prepared to say that many tree huggers are simply following the bandwagon in popular ideology that is rampant in the EU, and gaining ground in the Usa. As well as Canada. Apparently the Germans are above that follow-the-crowd mentality...and have made some coin along the way as a result.

Lanef, when you have your studies completed in critical thinking at an established University, come back and tell us about the course content.

The Liberal Media has created an alternate reality. I do listen to both conservative and progressive radio. Over the past few months I keep hearning from the progressive side that the Affordable Healthcare Act contains zero taxes. They also have people call in to tell what they love about the Act. The conservatives kept claiming there were taes in it and that it would eventually hit the various helthcare industries.

Over the past few days, tens of thousands of layoffs have been announced in the medical device industries due to Obamacare taxes. Now, was it conservative or progressive radio that told me there were no taxes?

Today, they were screaming that no cuts should be made in the budget. Taxes need to be raised to cover it. However,  there is not enough money to tax. I guess no one let them know there is no way to tax one's way out.

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Variance is Evil!

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