Olympus Zuiko 17mm vs Panasonic Lumix 20mm

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Re: Olympus Zuiko 17mm vs Panasonic Lumix 20mm

azazel1024 wrote:

To pick a nice example of strongly out of focus background that I find highly objectionable


Interestingly I noticed that Lenstips has 17/1.8 sample images up (sadly no exact equivelent images for the 17/2.8).

Closest for the 17/1.8 http://pliki.optyczne.pl/pan20/pan20_fot15.JPG, though not the same coverage. Fairly similar scene, but smaller subject size in the image.

The 17/1.8's image looks grainier, but the nervous (or down right scared as I'd characterize the 20/1.7's bokeh in the image sample) areas, especially around strong backlighting and some with high contrast transitions are not present in the 17/1.8 images.

I completely agree.  The OOF highlights, noise and slow focus of the Panny 20mm have kept me away from that lense.

I can't count the number of otherwise nice images I have seen from the Panny 20mm which have been ruined by lousy bokeh.

The Oly 17mm 1.8 is the new bokeh king of the m4/3 semi-wide angles.

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