was there a printing problem with CS5: colors too dark

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Re: was there a printing problem with CS5: colors too dark

It depends on how you implement your color management. If for some reason when you upgraded your working space profile changed, or your default colorspace from ACR changed, it could cause issues if you don't follow a color managed printing workflow. For example if you were set to sRGB and then went to ProPhotoRGB (which is one of the most drastic changes you can make) the images would look similar on your monitor, but if you just print to the printer's color management and do not have Photoshop manage colors, the printer will expect sRGB (which most printers do if you don't turn off printer color management) the print will be darker (because of the different gamma between ProPhoto and sRGB), the colors will be less saturated (because of ProPhoto's wider gamut), and more yellow (because of ProPhoto's different white point).

Double check and make sure that your print workflow's color management is correct: you let Photoshop manage colors (and you choose the right ICC profile for your printer and paper that you are using) and you turn off color management in the printer driver. Also if you download profiles from your paper manufacturer's website, see if they have new versions because on Macs in particular there were some changes in the printing somewhere between CS3 and CS5. But this mostly only impacted printing charts with no profile in order to create your own profiles, and this did not usually affect anyone using downloaded profiles.

If you send your files out to be printed, see if they have a preferred profile/color space. Some labs may still prefer to only receive sRGB files.

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