A99 - Class 10 UHS-I ?

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Re: The big advantage to 90MB/s write speed is...

Interesting.  Re-trying things today with auto review first on and then off, I noticed the following:

1)  Either way, there was about a half second delay before I could get a picture on the LCD screen by pushing the "review" button on the a77's back.  I was certain it was longer yesterday, but today it is a consist 1/2 second, and, yes, a picture does appear while the red "write" light is still on.  So, I can't replicate what seemed to me to be a longer delay when I tested this yesterday.

2)  With auto review on, a picture appears virtually instantaneously on the LCD screen--but, after about 1/2 second, the lens distortion correction (for the Sony 16-50) changes the displayed picture slightly (when I have those corrections turned on through the menu) for the remainder of the auto review time.  [I usually shoot RAW only--and was for this--but understand the displayed picture is nonetheless based on a jpeg--as lens distortion corrections don't get made in the RAW.]  With auto review off, there is (as noted above) a slight delay in the display of the picture after pushing the "review" button immediately after taking the picture, but the picture that appears already has the lens distortion corrections applied.  That leads me to think that the immediacy of the "auto review" picture reads something off of the buffer before any corrections have been made, and the slight delay when using the manual review button is due to it waiting until the various jpeg corrections have been made.  At least, that's my guess; perhaps something else is going on.

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