Improving speed on older macbooks & question on Operating systems on the new macbooks

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Re: Improving speed on older macbooks & question on Operating systems on the new macbooks

imabel wrote:

I upgraded to a 256Gig SSD drive and 6meg of ram last week. My late 08 unibody macbook now boots in 20seconds. LR4 and PS6 open almost instataneous with no spinning beach balls ever draging 20-40 photos to lr4 is very very quick.

If I do upgrading to a newer macbook in the future I really don't care for the new OS. It is too much like the ipad for me. The additional issue is you cannot do many of your own upgrades as memory is hardwired to the MB. I have changed out drives, fans, battery, and memory in my current macbook but I don't think any of that is possible with the new macbooks.

I also have a question. Can the new macbooks run equally well on 10.6.8 OS?

Thanks in advance


In terms of upgrading it depends. Currently Apple has 3 lines of Macbooks: Air, Pro, and Pro Retina. The Air and Retina lines have very limited paths for upgrading. The traditional Macbook pro you can still open, upgrade the hard drive/ssd and memory and can be configured to be just as fast as the Retina line. We don't know what the next set of upgrades will bring. Apple has only a limited supply of retina displays and spliting the line between the more upgradeable non-retina, and the limited, thinner, retina may have been a way to tame demand as well as a way to judge how important upgrading is vs having the latest technology. I wouldn't be surprised if in future updates, all the lines end up having "retina" displays but they go back to having the tiny and slower Air, the reasonably fast and slim Macbook, and larger but more customizable Macbook Pro. Of course that's just my wishful thinking, and they could just continue focusing on making the "thinnest and lightest macbook we've ever made." No one knows at this point.

You cannot downgrade new macs to older OSes because many of the drivers for the different components are built into Mac's OS. You may find some of the current macbook line still shiping with 10.7 (the current OS being 10.8) but you will not be able to downgrade them to 10.6. Even if you have an installer it will say you cannot do it.

If these are big concerns for you, you can always go to a windows machine, which will give you more room for customization of hardware and if you don't like Windows 8 or Windows 7, you can always go back to XP.

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