From NEX to I mad??

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perry rhodan
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Re: From NEX to I mad??

To me it makes sense. Having shot with DSLR's for a decade and SLR's for many decades I went Nex 5N and Oly epl-2 (hehe). Having tried the OMD, I decided against it because of the feeling I get with the lack of depth in the shots. And I know it's purely subjective. The aps-c 16mp sensor was great in my Nikon D7k and is great in the nex5N. I want that look in my next DSLR.

It will be the A57. With some cheap glass 35 50 85 70 macro and the 18 135 sam. Had my eye on the nex6 but the screen (16x9) doesn't work for me. And the feeling of a "real" camera like the slt's feels much better to me with all the heft and knobs an so on. This is only my feeling and opinion. YMMV

regards Perry

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