Any comparisons of EM5 vs G5 in pure IQ terms?

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Re: Any comparisons of EM5 vs G5 in pure IQ terms?

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Anders W wrote:

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I know the Panasonic 100-300mm lens fits and works on the EM5. But does the OIS work too, or does one have to rely on the Oly IBIS? gp

Yes OIS lenses work on Ollie camera bodies as long as you remember to turn the IBIS off.

Some do and some don't. The OIS on the 100-300 can be used since the lens has a hardware switch on the barrel for turning OIS on and off. The OIS on lenses without such a switch, for example, the 14-42/3.5-5.6, the X 14-42/3.5-5.6, and the X 45-175/4-5.6 can't be used on the E-M5 or any earlier Oly body.

My 14/ 2.5 lens, although it is Panasonic, (and no OIS switch) generally gets better results on my EPL-1 (with IBIS) than mounted on it's native GF-2, for that very same reason.

While you are likely to get better results with the 14/2.5 on E-PL1 (with IBIS) than on GF2 (no IBIS), the reason is not quite the one I mentioned. Panasonic has three types of lenses: OIS lenses with barrel-switch, OIS lenses without barrel switch, and lenses without OIS. The 14/2.5 belongs to the last category. It has no OIS at all.

I am aware of that fact. I have 14-45 OIS and it should work equally well on both cameras, switch-on IBIS-off on OLympus, sswitch-off and IBIS off with Olympus or switch-on with GF2 , Nevertheless it works best with the native GF-2, perhaps due to software.

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