Help! Panasonic GX1 diagnosed water damage

Started Nov 16, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Help! Panasonic GX1 diagnosed water damage

If they send it back, try sticking it in a bag for a few days with some silica packets (those little things that usually come in camera bags, shoes, etc when you buy them to keep them dry) or one of those bags of instant rice (uncooked of course). Plain old unbagged rice will work too, it can just be a bit messy.

Both of these will absorb any leftover moisture, and you may get lucky and find the device starts working again. I've done this successfully with two cell phones, one started working after a day, another took 2-3 days, but eventually worked again. Be patient! Leave the battery out and leave it sitting in the bag for a good 2 days or more. It's worth a try and you might be pleasantly surprised.

Good luck!

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