Are you worried about the D800's build quality?

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And here is the real problem.  Nikon's famed lack of communication.

"Don't clean the sensor, it will void your warranty."

And then they sell a sensor cleaning kit in Japan.  And, of course, everybody here tells people to clean the sensor.

Even that is pretty good communication for Nikon - they studiously avoid discussing anything else.  It would be easy to say "Hey, we've had a small problem with the 10 pin connectors, if they ever break, we will fix it."  The AF is a tad trickier since determining whether or not it's an issue in the first place for a given camera requires some skill.

However, working on the problem instead of sticking their heads in the sand would make a lot of customers much happier.  I don't particularly care if this is the "Japanese" approach.  I'm not Japanese and I want my vendors to communicate with me on an honest and detailed level.  It's not like this stuff is disposable - I have a fair amount of money tied up in Nikon gear.

After being in the Nikon camp for over a decade, I'm having more and more problems supporting a company who's communication and support policies are simply awful (failure to repair, even out of warranty, a non US camera or lens).

As the playing field gets more crowded, I find myself looking at slowly switching somewhere else.  I'm not there yet, but a few more missteps on Nikon's part would encourage me to start looking elsewhere.

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