Nex-6 - no Raw support for lightroom 3 ???

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Re: Nex-6 - no Raw support for lightroom 3 ???

FMG wrote:

I bougt Lightroom 3 a few years ago after i got a NEX-5.

I love this program but now i bought the NEX-6 and gues what?*! It can't process the raw files cause LR3 only supports Camera Raw up to version 6.7. The NEX-6 is supported in Camera Raw 7.

My question now is do i need to upgrade to Lightroom 4? Or will there be a Camera raw upgrade for Lightroom 3 in the future?


There will be no LR3 support for the Nex 6.

Support for new cameras is the way Adobe "encourages" users to upgrade LR & PS to the current version. Adobe's practice is to immediately cease adding camera support to a version one a new version is released.

I recently updated PS, not because there was anything compelling in it but because I wanted to be able load D800 files into Adobe's CR. Fortunately, I'm entitled to educational pricing.

Regardless, LR4 is a significant upgrade on other counts. The highlight and shadows sliders are dramatically improved, and noise handling is excellent.  It's a bit slower than LR3, but on my Mac, not annoyingly so. Finally the upgrade price is under $100, so I didn't grumble to much.

Good luck!

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