Confession of a Lazy JPG Snap Shooter

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Re: Confession of a Lazy JPG Snap Shooter

RenG wrote:

JPEG shooters aren't lazy, they just usually aren't professional.

What you say is that a professional is only a professional if he or she uses the RAW format?

To me this is a very strange assumption.

A professional sells his pictures and the clients tell him wath they need, in my case 99 out of 100 the JPEG format is more then enough quality-wise. Most of my work will be downloaded by the clients and the JPEG is less time consuming uploading and downloading.

Time is money and in my 20 years as a photographer i tryed it all, for me it is the JPEG way in 99 cases so that makes me an unprofessional professional

I think there is a connection between the RAW format and pixelpeeping but there is no connection between JPES and professional


I concur with your definition of professional but.

So after 20 years are you a successful professsional?  Because after only 2 years of shooting I am and one of the top pros I know is only 20.

I find the strongest professionals are those that use the best tools they can.  Sure you can be a pro without but those tools will often limit your success if your not using optimal image capture.

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