Very Impressed - SX-50 HS best of the SX series thus far.....

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Re: Jeremy - let's start here.....

Many thanks Ben.

As you say, there is a limit to what can be achieved with a small sensor, and I'm probably expecting too much. Although blown highlights were sometimes apparent with my old Canon S2IS, they were nothing like so bad as with the SX40 and the SX50. I guess that's probably because the S2IS only had a 5 megapixel capability. You can't cram a quart into a pint pot, and the more information that a small sensor is expected to handle can only result in limitations in some areas.

I have never worked with RAW and frankly I'm reluctant to start doing so now. I'm happy to do a certain amount of post-processing but, for me, there is a limit. I guess I fall into the category of an 'enthusiastic snapper' rather than a 'committed photographer'. Obviously I shall have to balance the problem of blown highlights with the amount that I'm prepared to work on files afterwards.

Certainly, I shall try reducing exposure correction. I've been tending to use -1/3, but maybe more is necessary. At least if I am under-exposing its easier to adjust levels 'upwards' subsequently, rather than the other way around when blown areas cannot be recovered. I'll post if I find that using the DR Correction facility helps at all with blown highlights.

Once again, thank you for your helpful comments. Jeremy

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