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Digital Asset Management came from more the corporate/enterprise end of things. Large companies that have thousands and thousands (or millions) of photos/images needed a way to store, sort, organize, and later on search and find them. The images are typically referred to as Assets. While I agree the term is completely clinical and may be even offensive to those who view their work as art, for a corporation that's what they are, assets... things of value that cost money to make. Also these Assets may not just be photos/images, they could be sound files, videos, PDFs, word documents, templates.

I work with a rather large enterprise level DAM system. It's critical when a bunch of different people might be looking for images, videos, or whatever related to specific topics. They can then get the full 50MP image, just a small JPG version for the web, a down sized tiff that's good enough to print an 8x10, etc. Programers can use the backend of it to automatically feed images to websites and so forth.

In the old days we used to have file cabinates filled with negative sleaves and contact sheets, shooting journals, and sometimes even card catalogues to help us find our images.

For smaller operations, the cataloguing/organizing, metadata/keywording, exporting, and web/print templates in Lightroom act as a DAM that let photographers not have to spend near as much time with these things and get back to shooting. You shoot a group of shots with the Smith family at Green Park in the fall, you select the keywords "Smith family" "Green Park" "Autumn" "Family portrait" when you import them. Then 3 years later you can search for them by any of those terms, or if you knew you shot it with your Canon 5D Mk II and the 85 f/1.8 lens you can search for that in late October of 2010, you can search for those images (because it also keeps track of the camera's metadata), you can then select all the images, have them save out 8x12, 300ppi sized JPGs while you grab coffee, burn them to CD, deliver the files and get back to shooting... this is what DAM is for.

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