Looking for a travel tripod

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Re: Looking for a travel tripod


I was hiking in Iceland in very remote areas... where I had to take food for 10 days with me...

So I also had to travel as light as possible... and also wanted to have a tripod with me. So I took my ''hiking stick'' (is that the word? dunno ;)..., removed the handle, drilled a hole in it... bought a ''tripod screw", about 2.5cm long and a fitting nut. With that, I only needed a tripod plate to put on (or a piece of wood or anything). That one is necessary, that you have a counterpart to the screw that the camara is ''pulled'' towards. (hope you understand what I mean.

So no Tripod, but monopod. In Iceland I was hiking with friends... so if you really need the 'tri'pod, use two more hiking sticks, 50cm of light rope, and assemble your tripod in the mud, or grass, or anywhere in 2minutes. (grab hold of the camera shoulder strap, just in case something happens...

by the way. I put my camera on that 'rig', set the auto timer to 3minutes and created a timelapse the whole night (hoped, that there was no rain coming, as I was sleeping ;). So I sort of trust that construction. If you need more images (with camera mounted, send PM, or reply in thread)

Good luck in finding one!


rondeann wrote:

Can anyone recommend a travel tripod. I travel VERY light so it has to be as small and light as possible without being junk.

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