QImage - Why Print Sharpening Is An Added Benefit

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Re: QImage - Why Print Sharpening Is An Added Benefit

apaflo wrote:

ronzie wrote:

In "PSE 10, The Missing Manual" it is stated the image sharpening as it appears on a display is not enough for an image to be printed and if correctly adjusted for the printer will appear over sharpened on the display. It was suggested that one image be saved for display and another differently sharpened for printing.

Since QImage (Pro at least) and QImage Ultimate apply optional sharpening during the printing process I would think that this voids the need to save one image for display use and another for printing.

Except it does NOT apply optimal sharpening! Sharpening depends on more than just the pixel dimensions and can be very subjective. Differences in the type of detail in the image, the paper it will be printed on or the monitor it will be displayed on, and the viewing conditions such as distance and lighting, not to mention different viewer preferences are all important and beyond the reach of automation.

Which is to say that there is no substitute for the results obtained by a competent technician making adjustments by inspection. If you are a beginner the software program might do a better job, but unless you work at it long enough to become a "competent technician" the results will not usually be optimal.

I agree.  And I will add that I rarely if ever sharpen an entire image with a generic filter.  I selectively sharpen all of my larger prints at their final output size.  I used to use masks and such in Photoshop but it was a bit time consuming.  Now I use Nik Sharpener Pro set for inkjet output sharpening.  The control points allow for fast and very accurate detail selection and subtle control.  The plug-in takes care of any masking and creates a new layer automatically so it's non-destructive.


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