Lmao.... the Dems throw the race card on Benghazi liar

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Republican Congressman explains the difference Between Susan and Candy


knox wrote:

PhD4 wrote:

How predictable.

you right wing conservative nutpacks need to get together . . . you keep doubling up threads already started! . . . . you hear them or read them, then rush here to parrot them to TRY to "put leftie in his place", not even realizing one of you has already done so. It's what you guys do . . . parrot the talking points of the day heard on Fox / Rush or read on right wing blogs . . . get it together man! Organize yerselves . . geez!


And has your panties all in a bunch .

You should finish your point when making complaints about those who are much better informed than you .

For Example , and I just can't take it anymore , having the truth posted here in a democratic forum for lies only .

Why not complete your full problem for all to see and read it .


And a slam bang job he does of justifying lying to Congress...

Good Lies - bad Lies


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"Everyone who has ever lived, has lived in Modern Times"

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