Any comparisons of EM5 vs G5 in pure IQ terms?

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Re: Any comparisons of EM5 vs G5 in pure IQ terms?

Jorginho wrote:

I have doen some tests indoor. Once at night with 100% identical light conditions. The expose exactly the same, EPL5 is one stop better in noise than GH2 (in RAw that is the exact same comparison between G5 and OMD). Than I did the same during the day, but lighting was not constant so I dismiss theseresults, because light levels could be different. In this case, they performed nearly identical.

Today, with perfect clear skies I did it again, using the same lens on both cams, ISO 200, f3.5 and the shutterspeed was 2000 on the GH2 and 1600 on the EPL5. GH2 underexposes a bit so I bumped it to 1600. Still, the output of the EPL5 looks better (I think this is the dynamic range). I mean: visible better exposed by EPL5.

So my conclusion is that OMD (EPL5) is 1 stop better when it comes to noise, DR and also tonality and colour depth. It is visibly better.

If I had to chose one cam it would by GH2 without a doubt. There is more to a cam then "better IQ". Ergonomics are very important. weathersealing (OMD) otoh can be decisive depending on your shooting. How well are the buttons positioned and the menussytem layed out. I never ead Panny or Oly handbook, both are easy with Panny being more logical and quicker to learn than Oly in my opinion.

Completely agree. I had both EM-5 and G5 and sold OMD due to ergonomics I did not like. I  think "real life" IQ very similar.

To me, it is the combination of all factors and personal preferences. I would try to handle both. If not possible and at the current price I would have a preference for the G5, unless you know you will shoot in rain and snow etc..

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