Help! Panasonic GX1 diagnosed water damage

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Re: Help! Panasonic GX1 diagnosed water damage

azu wrote:

´╗┐hi everyone! i would like to ask some guidance... I posted before here that my GX1 has no power.

it was left in it's panasonic case that I bought and haven't really use it a lot back then. I only got the chance to send it for repair weeks ago since we had family emergency. They just called me and told me that the unit is beyond repair due to water damage. I would like to know what are the possible cause of this because as far as I know my camera was never been next to any water that could cause damage. if anyone can enlighten me on what my options to go from here cause before I spend for a replacement. TIA

I notice that you qualified your remarks about water damage by saying that the camera had "never been next to any water that could cause damage".  Does this mean that the camera has never been wet by rain or mist or exposed to high humidity for long periods of time (weeks or months) ?  Either of these could cause problems in some cases.

One thing about Panasonic USA is that their repair service in the US is terrible, and cannot be trusted to properly diagnose and repair your camera. There are a number of threads on this forum about Panasonic repair service.  I don't have any good advice, though.

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