Can NEX7 do HSS with Pixel King?

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Re: Can NEX7 do HSS with Pixel King?

icemanunderground wrote:

I sent an email to Pixel King, belwo is their response:


Sorry that our king sony still can not support camera NEX7 and we have no firmware to support it currently, we will post it online once we have.

Thanks and best regards!
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I got a less negative response. Apparently it supports the NEX-7 (what I can confirm), but not completely yet (a bit broken english, but clear message):


Sorry that our king can support NEX7 camera, but it is not compatible completely in some function which need to update new firmware to solve it.

Thanks and best regards!
Pixel Enterprise Limited

Something that I've seen which goes "wrong" is wireless flashing. I would assume the King for Sony is a transparent connection between the flash and the camera. But as soon as I place the flash on the receiver, I cannot select it to be the controller for wireless flashing anymore.

Also, I can imagine that there are still issues with HSS and some flashes. Like I said, for me HSS is working with the NEX-7 / HVL-F43AM and the King for Sony, but I can imagine that other combinations can give issues. I use firmware King_SN_V1020.

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