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Re: Any update here Fred? (n/t)


The upshot was that it went back to Sigma Japan for a second time (this is one well travelled lens!) and this time came back having apparently been re-chipped, according to the paperwork, after Sigma UK categorically told me no re-chip was available.

The focus was also adjusted again after I had reported that it was still back-focusing, though nowhere near as much as originally, following the first trip to Japan.   Now seems to be pretty much spot-on with my D800.

I have been told by Sigma that it will not work in LV with any camera body, which I'm not too worried about.

I haven't yet been able to test with the D3100 as my son has taken that away with him now that he has started at University, but will try it out when he is home over Christmas.  I hope this is fixed as previously just mounting it on the D3100 caused that camera to be unable to power up.

Before I sent it in again I accidentally discovered that if the lens was not fully locked into position the D3100 would power up and would even focus for a while but would always lock up again after a short time.

Seems to me that maybe the mount was damaged when they dismantled the lens to replace the focus motor, or they may even have replaced the mount with a thicker or thinner one to adjust the focus - I know Canon do this on their telephoto lenses as when I had a damaged mount replaced they had to measure the thickness of the old one to get the correct replacement.

The mystery is why it worked with the D800 but not the D3100, though these two cameras have a different number of pins in the mount and seem to use a different method for sensing the position of the aperture ring, which might explain it.

I have to say that although it was annoying to not have any use of the lens for most of the summer when I had bought it mainly to use for my junior cricket photography, I have to give Sigma credit for good customer service.   They have not charged me anything except the original small fee for focus adjustment, even though at least one of the problems seems to have been caused by damage in transit back to me.


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