one lens, one sensor, and 3d. Lytro did it. I think they just don't know it yet...

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alright,... so many disbelievers... little tryout... look at that

it IS 3D with one lens, one sensor, and a single point of view. That is the amazing thing about this new little toy.

Shure, resolution is very small, and shure it is (still) only a toy. But this is totally amazing IMHO.

So i basically took the Lytro-sample page (, clicked on some of their examples...and moved the mouse from left to right, and saved two screenshots (one left, one right)...

if you don't believe me, check out their samples page. there you will find these two images. prepare to be amazed.

These are to be viewed cross-eyed.

3D Gunner wrote:

One lens, one sensor, a single point of view = no 3D.

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