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Re: 5D-D600-D800

Dave Luttmann wrote:

schmegg wrote:

marike6 wrote:

Interesting post but most of what you wrote - nonsense about blown highlights with the two Nikons, green color cast to all Nikon images, is simply not true.

Well - I've heard differently from unbiased users. What seems apparent is that, when faced with high DR situations, the D800's metering system is prone to blow highlights.

Funny...I've found that happened with the 5D2 and 7D. Easy solution though in harsh light...set to minus 1/3 or minus 1/2. I've yet to blow any highlights with the D800 as I find the extra 2 stops of DR over anything Canon offers to be usable there.

It has nothing to do with the extra DR, and everything to do with the metering. And, unfortunately, there are people (perhaps who aren't used to Nikon cameras) who are finding that the metering blows highlights in higher DR situations. In this case it really is irrelevant how much DR the camera has - blown highlight can never be recovered.

It's a pity given the shadow capabilities. It would be better if the metering tended toward under, not over. Pentax got this right with the k5, Nikon is still struggling.

No struggling that I see. I've never had blown highlights even with my D700 or D2x.

Here is the honest opinion of an ex-Pentax user who switched to D800. As you can see, he's not bagging the camera, nor is he really complaining - just making an observation (one that has been made elsewhere too) ...


The point here being - he is finding he needs to make adjustments to the metering to avoid blowing highlights with the D800, whereas, with his k5 this was not necessary.

It's no big deal, but it would seem to me (and I suspect him too) that the approach Pentax has taken with regards to metering high DR scenes is superior to the one that Nikon has taken. Hence my comment.

And frankly, the fact that you've "never had blown highlights" with your D2x indicates that you understand how to expose your images. And, armed with this knowledge, you'd do just fine with a 5D series camera, which has more DR throughout the ISO range than the D2x.

I have a Nikon D800 and files from the D800 (DR improvements, no banding, etc) are considerably better than my previous camera the 5d II.

Yep - that sounds right. The 5D3 is an improvement in these areas too.

Agreed. But the D800 offers a good two stops over the 5D3.

At base ISO, yes. For many people though, those extra two stops at base ISOv aren't at all crucial for capturing high quality images. DR at higher ISO's is more important as that is where it does become a practical limitation.

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