My A100 sounds like a Geiger Counter

Started Nov 16, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: My A100 sounds like a Geiger Counter

hzzn wrote:

The interior of the body never stops making noise when I put my ear to it. Its constantly ticking and winding, but it only starts once I engage the shutter and not before. I read on another forum that the anti shake and steadyshot must be failing. I have since turned off SS but it makes no difference as far as the sound is concerned. The camera also vibrates loudly for a few seconds when I turn it on. Anyone have any thoughts on what's going on?

Btw, I don't have a lens for this camera yet, so I have no idea how well it takes pictures or interacts with a lens, but I've been told it's fine when taking pictures.

hmm, well with ss on it should make noises (whirring and screeching)'s the SS working, not it failing. I dont know about it making noise when it's swtiched off though because i've not switched it off in a long time, but i did a long time ago to see if my camera still made noise and i recall that it didnt.

as for vibrating, mine vibrates loudly when turning on and off, it's the focus and aperture gears trying to connect with/disconnect from a lens (at least, that's my theory) so that, at least, is normal.

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