Couple of questions on Fuji 18-55mm lens...

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Re: Couple of questions on Fuji 18-55mm lens...

pgilland wrote:

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pgilland wrote:

I think my mind isn't quiet up to pare at the moment, I can't think of exactly how to ask this. I'm looking at the EX1 and "kit" 18-55 lens. Looks great. I know it's f2.8-f4. Question is, at what rate does it transition from f2.8 to f4?

In other words as you zoom in, does it stay f2.8 for a bit, or does it quickly move down to f4?

Also, trying to get a handle on f-stop between systems. My 17-55mm I use with the D7000 is a constant f2.8. I was considering getting the OMD with the Panny 12-35 which is constant f2.8. Oly also has some really fast lenses for the OMD as well. However, I know f2.8 on micro 4/3 is not the same as f2.8 for APS-C as fair as DOF is concerned, but it is the same as fair as light gathering and effect on shutter speed, correct?

OK, I realize you may not have had your morning coffee yet, but still...what's an EX1?

Sorry, X-E1. I like the name, it has some cool spacey thing about the X factor. But really, can't these companies come up with anything other than calling every camera an X something. There are so many "X" cameras I can't keep them straight untill atleast after lunch, and I lose it again shortly after dinner.

What happened to the days when you could call a camera something tasty like the Brownie, or cool like the Hawkeye. I guess designers have better things to do than come up with names.

X-E1 sounds like "sexy one", there - easy

Mind you, if they'd have sneaked in a 'turbo' somewhere I wouldn't have complained

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