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Re: Hourly vs Package rates

DWR0082 wrote:

I generally invoice straight forward Shoot time x rate + retouch/export x rate. I currently bill my design rate of $50/hr (for design that is common in the burbs) but I want to raise my rates in order to make enough to start buying better gear, rather than renting per shoot.

Package, package, package.

You are selling a product not a service. Of course you have to give excellent service, but you are delivering an image. You are delivery a product, if not there would be no delivery. When you buy fruits at the grocery store/market, you do not care about the seller's costs... Your customer doesn't care about your costs either.

The other problem with an hourly basis, the better you get the less you will be paid. When you learned it took you half a day for a task and now it only takes you one hour.

The last problem by going on an hourly basis is that you charge more per hour than most people earn (because of overhead, blah blah...) and it's difficult to raise your hourly rate but change your package and you can easily change your prices.

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