Degrading quality in NEX system

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Re: Degrading quality across all consumer goods

Dennis wrote:

gatorowl wrote:

I don't want to be rude but for me, the "look" and "feel" of products has almost zero correlation with how likely camera products will hold up.

No problem - that's a very practical point of view, and I definitely agree that there's more to quality than the "feel" of the plastic. I had a Tamron 90mm macro lens years ago that felt like a cheap piece of junk (felt like it had a hollow plastic barrel that sounded awful if you tapped on it) yet sustained a nasty accident and continued to work fine.

I just wanted to point out that cost-cutting is nothing unique to NEX - everything is being made more & more cheaply to satisfy consumers desire to get "more for less".

Beyond that, though, I admit to having a preference for something that's well crafted. Not everything; some things I'm perfectly happy if they're cheap & get the job done. I appreciate the quality of a BMW but prefer the value of a cheap car. But when it comes to camera gear, it's a hobby that I enjoy, and part of the enjoyment is using gear that's fun to operate and that provides a certain satisfaction in ownership/use. I'm not sure how to say that without sounding snobby, but it's a pleasure to use a well crafted lens with silky smooth zoom operation, versus a cheap lens that feels like plastic turning and maybe has a sticky spot or maybe causes the image to "jump" in the viewfinder when you zoom all the way out or attain focus. I'm sure that's why others insist on driving expensive cars while I'm content with a noisy, rattly, practical gets-you-there-in-one-piece mobile. (Maybe it is snobbish !) In addition to the Nikon 35/1.8 (cheap, but I don't mind) and the higher end 16-85 and 70-200, I picked up the 55-200 at a nice bargain price thinking it would be handy to have a small, light tele for casual use. I'm going to end up selling it, because it's just no fun using it, especially after years of using quality gear. (And while it's good for the price, it's not THAT good for the price).

- Dennis

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I hear you completely and feel much the same.  I started with the Nikon 18-105, 55-200 and 85mm 1.8D.  The 85mm was the best of the three by far.  I took a detour through Canon L country (I picked up a 5D for a good price) before I realized that I prefer Nikon image quality due in very large part to Sony sensor technology. I love Nikon primes. I hear you on the 35G--although my biggest complaint was the horrible bokeh--but I love the similarly built 50 and 85G 1.8 lenses.  To me, these lenses, although plastic and light-weight, are several steps above the horrible 18-105 and 55-200mm lenses, which not only feel cheap, are cheap.

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