Will it be possible to take excellent portraits with the RX1?

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I find the photos to be good as a sort of 'Portrait' example.. but in the circumstances you mention. I have to say in my own belief (.. and excuse the word used here - only in a descriptive manner..) I suspect that these are perhaps a little 'contrived' and mostly...if indeed shot with 24mm and 35mm lenses... is it the case that they are in fact highly cropped from an original - or surely the field of view would be much more than shown...and if NOT cropped.. then I do not see how you would get that sort of image at what LOOKS like a short distance..and of course they are with backdrops that I'm sure give the added appearance which belies the real situation at the time of shooting.
Yes - you CAN of course do Portrait type pics with shorter FL lenses.. but you cannot do it very often in totally natural surroundings where you may have to shoot at fairly close distance AND have to contend with 'natural' surroundings and background.

I am not sure that i understand what you are trying to say here. Your arguments are very weirded and this may be because you are missing a very important point - there is something called photography.

Yes the photos were post processed so they can look the way they look and the workflow, among other things, also included cropping. There is nothing wrong with it, on the contrary, post recessing is an integral part of photography,giving you the tools to enhance things that the camera or the lens can not do by themselves. This is the beauty of photography and the only thing that counts is the way the photos look like.

So coming back to the OP's questions, it can be done, very successfuly, more often than you think but it requires skills in shooting and in post processing that should be developed. Complaining about others who use such skills is always easier...



I'm sorry but I think we have a definite case of some misunderstang here... My comments were based entirely on what you had actualy said in your original post on this matter.. reading it literally you had said that in your view , Portraits could be produced even by a 24mm or 35mm FL lens.. there was no mention really of doing any cropping to acheive this and reading exactly as you wrote it, the implication surely was that you could do this even with the quite inappropriate FL lenses you referred to.

Sorry but this is just nit picking. I also didn't mention that a camera was stuck behind the lens because it is obvious to anyone with a bit of common sense. So is cropping for anyone who has a bit of knoledge about digital photography workflow.

I'm afraid it is NOT nit-picking..or maybe you just want to think of it that way. In the posts that preceded this, I'm sure that the conversations were all based on the fact that to get what was usually regarded as a "Portrait"..that is the kind of front head/shoulders or similar, and which - to avoid distortions of features - are usually over many years regarded as best using such as a 90mm or so lens. That is to get a 'Portrait' in the normally acceptd sense..  NO mention was made of doing a shot and cropping.. and THAT is the basis on which I replied. If YOU wish to think of it as nit-picking..it is your prerogative.. but I do not intend to argue that point further and pointlessly.

As I also said - the two photos you submited ARE good.. but not Portraits in the generally accepted sense I think.

Care to elaborate what you meant to say here?

Simple enough surely ..  I just meant what I said..the pics look good...but although YOU may regard them as some standard type 'Portrait'...I think many would tend to think of a 'Portrait' as in a different way.. again...in many cases such as a half-length..although of course Portrait CAN be identified by many different people in many different ways.  It's a matter of how EACH person may think I suppose.

FYI, this was a paid porteature job and the photos were happily accepted by the client. So what exactly isn't accepted here for you?

If you were paid to do just that and it was accepted..then who is to argue.. it still does not identify any one end-product by any specific type name...it is a session photo of what was asked.
Rather than nit-pick at ME for any reason.. why don't you ask the OP exactly what HE meant by "will the camera do CLASSICAL PORTRAITS"  .. what's HIS idea of a "classical Portrait" with what he himself thinks needed is a 90mm lens or so...


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