video card for ~100€ (RADEON or Nvidia)??

Started Nov 12, 2012 | Questions thread
Richard Veteran Member • Posts: 4,858
4000 graphics does work.

Rebel04 wrote:

thanks! I don't use Intel HD graphic card because this card has a bug (no signal via DVI cable)

Though not as fast the Intel 4000 hd does do gpu acceration see chart for speed in seconds.

As far as the problem you are talking about. I read the posts, to me it seems like a motherboard/bios/driver issues.

I have an HP 17.3" laptop with intel 4000 graphics and GT650. The DVI works fine with either card, I tested it by hooking it up to my tv, going to the Intel graphics control panel making changes and it works. I only made sure that the card duplicated what I had on the laptop screen but that should be enough to prove the chip works. Will your computer, motherboard, bios work with DVI and 4000HD graphics? Don't know

So what I would do is just get the computer with the intel chip, test it, if it does not work, add the video card later.

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